Wings of Denim

from by Alejandro Keswick



Fake birds sing poison words
They fill the air with lies
They fill you up then kill you slow
And leave you for the flies
They whisper sweet songs in your ear
From beaks made out of tin
You might mistake them for the real thing
Canvas wings still catch the wind

So I was warned long time ago
And urged to never waver
In my vigilance and caution
For the birds could be my neighbor
Or my sister or my brother
Or my lover or my friend
For although birds aren’t always birds
The end’s always the end

And so I kept a watchful eye
For those who’d try to harm me
Until one day I turned a corner
And in my sight, it was alarming
Its eyes were buttons, legs were wire
Its plumage paper, claws were steel
It was beautiful and sickening
And I knew I was its meal
It saw me, and it sang for me
The only gift it had to give
And when it finished it flew away
And I found to my surprise that I still lived

I heard the words the bird did sing
But was uninjured by the venom
And so, thanking heaven for my luck
I flew off on wings of denim.


from EP, released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Alejandro Keswick Houston, Texas

Alejandro Stephen Caballero-Keswick was born on the shores of the Great Lakes and grown in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. He plays guitar and sings, sometimes even where other people can see and hear him.

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