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commba This album, especially The Food It Wants, is pretty much the perfect wingman you could have ever asked for. Even if you want to woe that lucky guy/gal/appropriate other identifying term and you're not confident in your own voice, Keswick's voice is so spot on that his voice will do wonders. It just works so well on this album Favorite track: The Food It Wants.
James O'Brien
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James O'Brien I can't remember the last time I encountered lyrics this clever. The wit and humor on this EP is absolutely fantastic, as are the more serious emotions and the fantastic singing and guitar playing. Pretty damn good overall if you ask me. Favorite track: Wings of Denim.
The Violet Fox
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The Violet Fox Alejandro Keswick has a voice made for folk and it really shows in this album. Favorite track: Diesel Hearts.
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Quick and dirty EP, all songs recorded spur of the moment in one sitting. All proceeds from the sale of this EP to be donated to Planned Parenthood. Thank you!


released February 3, 2017

All songs written and performed by Alejandro Keswick.



all rights reserved


Alejandro Keswick Houston, Texas

Alejandro Stephen Caballero-Keswick was born on the shores of the Great Lakes and grown in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. He plays guitar and sings, sometimes even where other people can see and hear him.

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Track Name: Wings of Denim
Fake birds sing poison words
They fill the air with lies
They fill you up then kill you slow
And leave you for the flies
They whisper sweet songs in your ear
From beaks made out of tin
You might mistake them for the real thing
Canvas wings still catch the wind

So I was warned long time ago
And urged to never waver
In my vigilance and caution
For the birds could be my neighbor
Or my sister or my brother
Or my lover or my friend
For although birds aren’t always birds
The end’s always the end

And so I kept a watchful eye
For those who’d try to harm me
Until one day I turned a corner
And in my sight, it was alarming
Its eyes were buttons, legs were wire
Its plumage paper, claws were steel
It was beautiful and sickening
And I knew I was its meal
It saw me, and it sang for me
The only gift it had to give
And when it finished it flew away
And I found to my surprise that I still lived

I heard the words the bird did sing
But was uninjured by the venom
And so, thanking heaven for my luck
I flew off on wings of denim.
Track Name: The Food It Wants
Don’t ask the body in the basement
What it’d like to eat
I don’t think it’d be impressed with
Your culinary expertise

The food it wants is indescribable
Much like the way I feel about you
The food it wants is undesirable
Much like the thought of being without you

It orders off an ancient menu
Written in archaic glowing runes
It’s waited an eternity for service
And would appreciate it soon

It speaks in an unknown language
Although you understand the words
It has certain dietary restrictions
It would be grateful if you heard

It doesn’t want filet mignon
Or veal or eggplant parmesan
It only wants the kind of things
I think you’re unprepared to feed

The food it wants is unimaginable
Much like the thought of spending any more of our nights alone
The food it wants isn’t very good
Much like the ending to this song
Track Name: Diesel Hearts
Wrap me in a metal shell
Set my lungs on fire
Because diesel hearts can never ache
And iron hands don’t tire

Give me LEDs for eyes
Take away my soul
Trade my will for hardened steel
Fill my chest with coal

Let me work and burn and churn
For days and weeks and years
And in 100 decades if I break
And rust has filled my gears

Leave me frozen where I lie
Leave and don’t despair
Because iron hands can never tire
And diesel hearts can’t care
Track Name: Nice Guy
Who are you talking to
Who’s at the door
Why was his backpack next to yours
I waited all night for you
Where did you go
Why wasn’t I informed

You didn’t ask for this
But then again you never asked me for much at all
Maybe I asked for this
But what if it’s actually nobody’s fault at all

I tried to call you
But you were at work
So I bought you a bouquet of flowers
Broke into your apartment
Went through your drawers
Yelled at your cat, then cried for hours

Why won’t you talk to me
I made you five mix CDs
I mean, you didn’t know it was me
Since I left them anonymously
And now I don’t know where you are
but you couldn’t have gone very far
I know because I feel with my heart
And also because I stole your car

I’ve been trying with all of my might
So why is this still hell?
I see your face so clearly at night
Don’t you see mine as well?
I’ve been trying with all of my might
So why is this still hell?
I write your name so clearly at night
Don’t you write mine as well?

You didn’t ask for this
But then again you never asked me for much at all
Maybe I asked for this
But what if it’s actually nobody’s fault at all
But what if it’s actually my fault after all
No, this couldn’t possibly be my fault at all
Track Name: Glorious Maine
Oh, what a glorious Maine
the crown of the King is residant within
Oh, unaffected by trains
though their image recurs through the width of his words
And though his worst wit does remain
literarily literal, I’ve still saved a shelf for his name

First acquainted with him I became
through the fears of a friend when they felt undefended
I imagined he’d suffered the same
and I stayed up alone with his tenebrous tome
Oh, what a clamorous claim
but the crown of the King kept my counsel and sharpened my fangs

And so I named my first guitar after his carnivorous car
Yet no demon inside of it dwelled
For when in the kitchen it fell
It repaired itself not, though the thought I found solemn and swell